Thursday, December 16, 2010

Major Studio finals are done = MASS UPLOAD

So the important classes such as my After Effects, Flash, and Animation Projects along with silly art history are out of the way leaving Business Practices today and Gesture Drawing all day tomorrow.

Here's What You Get:

AE Final-

So this would be a funny trailer for my film No Matter What. (Details about that can be found here: teacher told me to have more close ups and where she thought they should be thus the above video. During crit, she told me she would've liked to have seen more animation. The close up's replaced what animation I originally had. I could've done more with the text...*shrug* I'm happy with the end result at least. I find it amusing.

Flash Final-

I may put some sound on this eventually. I like it. And everyone seems to love the blue dude, Bally Bu. I have a very vague story outline for these three characters. I may expand on it because of this project.

So yeah. I'll eventually get around to scanning and uploading some of my gesture drawing to put up on here. 

Over break I will hopefully get time to do a couple tests worthy enough to be put into my demo reel.

-The management

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Evolution of Damon...

Oldest (from last semester) on the right to the most current on the left. Improvement much?


Yeah anyway...I should be working on finals. :P

-The management

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pahahaha, don't mind this-just thought I'd update

Yeeeeeeeeeeeah....Third project for my After Effects class. Unfortunately, I lost steam about half-way through so..this could most definitely be better. However, I think this version has its merits. A good number of my colleagues and I found it amusing.

-The management